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Posted by Shashank Krishna Thursday, March 27, 2008

sharethis: What do you do when u get a new pc ??? i tell you what i wanted to do ..Play games 24hrs a day.The First 3 days i was downloading loads of stuff (including games).I am a great fan of racing games like NFS and motocross.I wanted to install NFS Most wanted .I had the .mdf .mds files of the four cd’s .To install them i needed CD-Emulator ( i chose Virtual cd 7).After installing the four cd’s..i tried to play the game.But it gave an error “Please insert th right disk”.This meant that i needed a crack for this game .After nearly a day ,my friend Kulbir Saini gave me the crack for the game( that was actually a speed.exe ).So i replaced my speed.exe wid the crack.But that crack failed ..and i had to install everthing again :( .I tried my best to find another crack .But i was not able to find one.Nearly a month after that day ,i found a great Software ,Safe disk Hider.
About the software :-

SafeDisc 4 Hider 1.0, aka sd4hide or sd4hide.exe, is a program developed by Skull.

You can use it to play with legal images (backups stored on your hard drive) of your games. It helps you to circumvent the SafeDisc 4 protection which prevents you from playing with backups.

SD4Hide is used in combination with Daemon Tools, although it’s may work with other tools too. Daemon Tools is a program which enables you to load images, or clones, of games (and other software) in virtual drives.

Instead of sd4hide.exe you can also use Anti-Blaxx but I prefer using sd4hide because it’s a lot easier to use. But the advantage of Anti Blaxx is that it’s compatible with other technologies such as SecuROM 4-7, Protect CD V5 and JoWood X-Protect.

Anyway, to play games with sd4hide you need to do the following:

# Mount the image in Daemon Tools
# Run sd4hide.exe
# Press “Hide”, sd4hide makes a small adjustment to a Windows registry setting and now you can play. The program also saves a small backup to restore the registry setting.
# After playing click on “Restore” and close sd4hide.

It’s quite simple to use, but in order to run it you’ll need Administrator rights on your computer. Otherwise it may not work.

Source :-http://www.dvhardware.net/article8589.html

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