Posted by Shashank Krishna Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Leaving your computer on overnight is usually the easiest option when you need the computer to perform a task that takes quite a long time to complete (e.g. Downloading large files, ripping DVDs, etc.)

It is however, neither energy efficient nor an environmentally friendly option to take.

WinOff is an excellent piece of freeware which very simply shuts down your computer after a defined time so you don’t need to wait till the morning to attend to your PC.
3 things I like most about WinOff

1. It’s flexible. You don’t HAVE to shut it down. You can also schedule it to - restart, log off, suspend, hibernate or just lock the computer.
2. You get to see the last thing that happened before shutdown. There’s an option for capture a screenshot of the desktop right before the shutdown. With this, you can see if everything turned out OK before the PC shut itself down
3. It’s free. Need I say more?

In what other ways do you automate windows tasks? Tell us in the comments!

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