Michael Jackson Dead at 50 - The Loss of a Legend

Posted by Shashank Krishna Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest earlier today.

The King of Pop will always be remembered as a musical genius, but MJ was no slouch in the fashion department either. The singer was slated to perform in Swarovski for his upcoming tour and had been recently spotted in the majorly coveted Balmain spring blazer he helped inspire.

Here, a look back at the legend and his style through the years.

With his signature single crystal-encrusted glove, tight, high-water pants, leather jackets, aviator glasses and his Jeri-curl hair, Jackson's look was entirely his own. Watered-down versions of his style became the ideal for teens of every race all over the world in the early 1980s.

, an icon remembered.

A child star as part of the Jackson 5, young Michael Jackson grew up before America's eyes, sporting bell-bottom trousers, clingy polyester shirts and a gorgeous Afro. By 1979 with the release of "Off The Wall," he had adopted a sultry look not unlike that of his peers.

But from there on out, Jackson started creating outfits that made his look stand out as much as his music did. His uber-successful "Thriller" -- the best-selling album in history -- came out in 1982, just as MTV took the nation by storm, giving Jackson a ready-made audience eager for edgy looks they could copy.

While he reclined, sexy and relaxed in a white suit and open-collar back shirt on that album's cover, the looks he sported in his videos were far more fantastic

In the video for "Billie Jean," he wore a black tux and red bow tie, dancing his way up the paneled lights of a sidewalk on a desolate streetscape set. The single crystal-covered glove glittered as he introduced the world to his moonwalk, a move so smooth it first looked impossible.

In "Thriller" – the 14-minute mini-movie that launched a million dance moves -- both the man Jackson and werewolf Jackson wore a fitted red leather jacket covered in zippers with matching red pants. That jacket was knocked off in dozens of colors and fabrics including far more proletarian vinyl and canvas, hanging in thousands of high school boys' closets.

In "Beat It," a version of the red jacket appeared again, with the apparently angst-ridden character Jackson played donning it as he summoned his courage to go make peace between two warring gangs.

Even in his non-video life, Jackson wore clothing that called attention to itself. In 1984, he visited with the Reagans in the White House, wearing a blue military style jacket with epaulets, a gold sash and short black pants, looking for all the world like a visiting foreign military dignity save for the single sparkling white glove.

That ensemble presaged the looks he became know for when he released "Bad" in 1987. From there Jackson's style got a little stranger, with reports of multiple plastic surgeries and skin that was visibly lighter all the time. He sometimes appeared in public in baggy, pajama-like clothes, and other times in his military garb.

But even as his reputation suffered from allegations of sexual abuse of children (of which we was cleared), illness and erratic behavior, a certain affection for his 1980s looks has lived on. In March "American Idol" staged a Michael Jackson night, and contestants readily donned cropped jackets and chains and did their best to bring his beloved songs to life.

Struts2...a great framework for J2EE web apps

Posted by Shashank Krishna Friday, June 19, 2009


In this article we will talk about the new features in Struts 2.0. Over the years, every developers believes that struts is the best and simple framework to implement. Since last two years, more new frameworks come to the market and the use of Struts is declined. Lack of updation in the Struts framework is the main reason for developers choosing alternative framework. To answer this, Struts team comes with the Struts 2.0, an integration of Struts 1.0 with Webwork. Here we will look into the prominent features in the new framework.

An Struts 2 Action may implement an Action interface, along with other interfaces to enable optional and custom services. Struts 2 provides a base ActionSupport class to implement commonly used interfaces. Albeit, the Action interface is not required. Any POJO object with a execute signature can be used as an Struts 2 Action object.

Threading Model

Struts 2 Action objects are instantiated for each request, so there are no thread-safety issues. (In practice, servlet containers generate many throw-away objects per request, and one more object does not impose a performance penalty or impact garbage collection.)


Struts 2 Actions can be tested by instantiating the Action, setting properties, and invoking methods. Dependency Injection support also makes testing simpler.

Servlet Dependency
Struts 2 Actions are not coupled to a container. Most often the servlet contexts are represented as simple Maps, allowing Actions to be tested in isolation. Struts 2 Actions can still access the original request and response, if required. However, other architectural elements reduce or eliminate the need to access the HttpServetRequest or HttpServletResponse directly.

Harvesting Input
Struts 2 uses Action properties as input properties, eliminating the need for a second input object. Input properties may be rich object types which may have their own properties. The Action properties can can be accessed from the web page via the taglibs. Struts 2 also supports the ActionForm pattern, as well as POJO form objects and POJO Actions. Rich object types, including business or domain objects, can be used as input/output objects. The ModelDriven feature simplifies taglb references to POJO input objects.

Expression Language
Struts 2 can use JSTL, but the framework also supports a more powerful and flexible expression language called "Object Graph Notation Language" (OGNL).

Binding values into views
Struts 2 uses a "ValueStack" technology so that the taglibs can access values without coupling your view to the object type it is rendering. The ValueStack strategy allows reuse of views across a range of types which may have the same property name but different property types.

Type Conversion
Struts 2 uses OGNL for type conversion. The framework includes converters for basic and common object types and primitives.


Struts 2 supports manual validation via the validate method and the XWork Validation framework. The Xwork Validation Framework supports chaining validation into sub-properties using the validations defined for the properties class type and the validation context.

Control Of Action Execution
Struts 2 supports creating different lifecycles on a per Action basis via Interceptor Stacks. Custom stacks can be created and used with different Actions, as needed.

A Complitation of emotion driven qoutes

Posted by Shashank Krishna Tuesday, June 16, 2009

# There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth.
-Nietzsche, philosopher

# If you are not prepared to deal with reality, you can be sure that reality will deal with you.
-Dave Roberts, cool guy

# There's no I in fuck you.
-Candace, Walls of Jericho

# Are you a name or a number.
-Fear Factory, industrial death metal

# I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucenation.
-Dilbert, pop culture icon, wage slave

# We as attackers have the initiative. Visciously, ruthlessly, attack, attack, attack, and when in doubt, attack again.
-Ronald Reagan, US President 1981-1989

# Can you not see who you are inside
A prisoner to the social system, do you dare to defy
You call yourself a man
I'd say you're a boy
Persuaded By your firends in a moral decline
It bothers me.
-Wartime Manner, Social Politics, Troy NY hardcore

# May the Lord never permit me to die until I have taken due vengeance upon you.
-Henry II, English King 1154-1189

# Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage.
-Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

# Teenage angst has paid off well. Now I'm bored and old.
-Kurt Cobain, Serve The Servants

# What good fortune for those of us in power that people do not think.
-Adolf Hitler, mass murderer, politician

# You're all a bunch of ignorant fucks.
-Oderus Urungus, GWAR

# The harder you work the younger you die.
- Politics Of Contraband, Work hard Die Young, Troy NY hardcore

# Teen angst has never had so pivotal a spike as the punk movement. You see the troubled youth on the street, skateboards in hand, self righteous dogma holding them high. Why? Because they have more than just the new NOFX album... they have a reason to live. A code. Anarchy.
Sign up with me. I have the order form right here. The death of corporate America and all of the kids more popular than you are, emblazoned with No Fear logos, signed to major record labels, and televised almost live on MTV. Come on, admit it, that's the reason you charged $150 Doc Martins to your father's Master Card... For Anarchy, right? For all of the glory of being more extreme than anyone on your block. That's why you paid $26 at Sam Goody Music for a T-shirt that says "Punk's Not Dead." That'll show the corporate bastards. What next? How about that movement?
What have you been doing for the glorious cause of anarchy? Anything? Or have you been smoking up on weekends and scoring beer on Wednesday and waiting. Because when it all comes down, you know you were there on the righteous side of Anarchy.
Well, at least that's what it says on your jacket.
- Ihate.com

# Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
-George Santayana, philosopher

# Where his chest ought to have been, they pinned the Congressional Medal of Honor.
-John Dos Passos,The Death Of John Doe

# You've got to be willing to die for something or you've lived for nothing.
- Biohazard, New York Hardcore, Pride

# In this world of morality and righteousness there are more than enough stones to be cast
Pure birthed from polluted parasites of systematic acidity.
What has been reaped I shall not sow.
I will uproot with impunity.
- One King Down, Troy NY straightedge hardcore, Mass Suicide

# I aimed for the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.
-Upton Sinclair, socialist, writer

# The skyscrapers look like gravestones from out here
-Dax Riggs, Acid Bath,Diab Soule

# $UCK$
-The bathroom wall at Saratoga Winners

# Functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism. We are the vandals.
-Type O Negative

# The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
-Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, The Sounds Of Silence

# The error so many people are tempted to make is to believe that the eternal values which were in danger of extinction and for which so much blood was spilt and so much suffering endured, could be rescued and preserved once and for all. They are and always will be threatened, if not from the outside, then by our own weaknesses and failures. We are always being told that we live in a hard age, but was there ever a time of absolute ease and serenity?
-Pierre Mendes-France, French Prime Minister, 1955

# You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes
-Slipknot, Eyeless

# Castles made of sand slip into the sea eventually.
-Jimi Hendrix, artist

# The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.
-Franklin Roosevelt, US President 1932-1945

# The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life... and hold it fixed so that 100 years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again.
-William Faulkner, The Paris Review

# A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.
- Edward Abbey

# Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
-Semisonic, Closing Time

# How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?
-Charles Manson,serial killer, cult leader

# Wars throughout history have been fought for conquest and plunder...The master class has always declared the wars, the subject class has always fought the battles.
-Eugene Victor Debs, socialist

# The government keeps us safe. Go back to sleep.

# Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.
-Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver

# Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast.
-Robb Flynn, Machine Head

# Don't mistake lack of talent for genius.
-Type O Negative

# Next thing you know they'll take your thoughts away.
-Dave Mustaine, Megadeth, Holy Wars

# Megadeath- US government standard of measuring casualties resulting from a nuclear holocaust. 1 Megadeath=1,000,000 dead persons.
-Webster's New World Dictionary

# If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves.
- Howard Zinn, radical historian

# Read my lips, No new taxes.
-George Bush, US President 1989-1993

# There is nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot.
-Dilbert, pop culture icon, wage slave

# Yup, you're a dumbass.
-Butthead, philosopher, pop culture icon

# Misery is manifold, the wretchedness of the earth is multiform. Evil is a consequence of good. Either the memories of past bliss are the anguish of today, or the agonies which are have their origins in the ecstacies which might have been.
-Edgar Allan Poe, writer, Beatrice

# In a world full of shit, you're still an asshole to me.
-Al Jourgenson, Ministry

# When you give food to the poor, they call you a saint.
When you ask why the poor have no food, they call you a communist.
-Archbishop Helder Camara, Brazilian liberation theologist

# I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me.
-Beck Hansen, artist

# Had I not known, that I was already dead, I would have mourned my loss of life.
-Ota Dokan, 1486

# Freedom for all the people, Brave and true and strong, Freedom for all the people, Unless I think you're wrong.
-Oderus Urungus, GWAR, on censorship

# We don't care what you think.
-Peter Steele, Type O Negative

# Live long and prosper.
-Spock, Vulcan

# Does not the running paper tiger chase his own tail?
-Oderus Urungus, GWAR

# Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.
-Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins

# If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.
- Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President 1803-1809, writer of The Declaration Of Independence, Anti-Federalist

# How we live is so different from how we ought to live that he who studies what ought to be done rather than what is done will learn the way to his downfall rather than to his preservation.
- Niccolo Machiavelli, The Morals Of The Prince

# Hi, We're Gwar. If you come up on stage or touch anybody in the band we'll fucking kill you.
- Oderus Urungus, GWAR, Saratoga Winners 1995

# You're a bullshit fake paper gangster
You aint nothing but an image and a liar
A bullshit fake paper gangster
a punk ass motherfucker
Could it be, you're really not from the streets
Could it be you saw it on TV?
The way you act, where I come from you'd never last
The life I've lived, the pain I've felt
with such things you've never dealt
So to me you are a maggot
So when you go and outcast me
and I can't do a fucking thing
know that I know inside you're weak
- Blood For Blood, Paper Gangster, Boston Hardcore

# When I rise it will be with the ranks, not from the ranks.
- Eugene Victor Debs, socialist

# The stupider people think you are, the more suprised they are when you kill them.
- Unknown

# So many ships on the high seas, and I rejoice at the thought that since birth, my ship has navigated the lesser travelled waters. This direction, and my resolve to climb the mast often and survey my surroundings, brings me both pleasure and disgust at once. Pleasure in my own iniquity and disgust in the state of disgrace of humanity.
-David Vincent, Morbid Angel

# I hate intolerant people, and I hate people with too much tolerance. One is full of ignorance, the other is full of shit.
- Johnny Knoxville, Jackass

# Maybe getting angry at Breaking Benjamin or Cold for not being good bands is like getting mad at kids in the Special Olympics for not being professional athletes.
-Iann Robinson, Metal Sludge columnist

# Life is pain. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something.
- Cary Elwes, The Princess Bride

# Hi, We're the Meatmen and you suck.
-The Meatmen, 1983

# Some say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
-John Lennon, artist

# They said, "To die is glorious". They lied.
-Phil George, writer, Battle Won Is Lost

# People used to play with toys, now the toys play with them
-Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys

# Your uniform does not impress me.
-Atari Teenage Riot, anarchists

# Some say the end is near
Some say we'll see armageddon soon
I certainly hope we will
I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit
One great big festering neon distraction
I've a suggestion to keep you all occupied

Learn to swim

Mom's gonna fix it all soon
Mom's coming round to put it back the way it ought to be

Learn to swim

Fuck L Ron Hubbard and
Fuck all his clones
Fuck all those gun-toting
Hip gangster wannabes

Learn to swim

Fuck retro anything
Fuck your tattoos
Fuck all you junkies and
Fuck your short memory

Learn to swim

Fuck smiling glad hands
With hidden agendas
Fuck these dysfunctional
Insecure actresses

Learn to swim

I'm praying for rain
And I'm praying for tidal waves
I wanna see the ground give way
I wanna watch it all go down

- Tool, Aenema

# If you gaze for long enough into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

# There are two ways of fighting, one with laws and the the other with arms. The first is the way of men. The second is the style of beasts. But since very often the the first does not suffice, it is necessary to turn to the second. Therefore a prince must know how to play the beast as well as the man.
-Niccolo Machiavelli, The Morals Of The Prince

# Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.
-Frederick Douglass, writer, former slave

# Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. But let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall.
-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord Of The Rings

# History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.
-Martin Luthur king Jr, activist

# Anger is a gift.
-Zach DeLaRocha, rage against the machine

# When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed
- Marilyn Manson, antichrist superstar

# Grey are gonna clear up
And then you're gonna die.
-Jim Goad, redneck

# Life is hard dude.
-Butt-head, philosopher, pop culture icon

# Anytime someone mentions god and war in the same sentence, that person needs help.
-Pat LaMarche

# Go to work every day just to make some honest pay
I wear my filthy same clothes every day
You get up in the morning, You buy yourself a 40
At whose expense are these fucking paid
You are a welfare cheat, get on your own two feet
Let's see you work a 40 hour week
Why would you want to when everything is free
Your rent, your food, your cable TV
Spit out a kid one at a time
Get paid more money, everything is fine
You've got your benefits better than mine
I work two jobs just to survive.
- Politics Of Contraband, Honest Dollar, Troy NY hardcore

# What will it be like when I'm gone, and you're gone, and our great grandchildren are gone. And even our great glittering industrial society has crumbled to dust, and we're all forgotten. What will be going on then? Nothing lasts forever. Nobody lives forever. Everything comes and goes. We all begin and rise and fade away...What then?
-Edward Abbey, writer

# Everything is good that comes from the author of nature, everything degenerates in the hands of man.
-Jean Jacques Roussseau, philosopher

# The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point is to change it.
-Karl Marx, philosopher, Theses On Fuerbach

# I was Henry the King
To me Divers realms were subject, I was duke and count of many provinces.
Eight feet of ground is now enough for me, whom many kingdoms failed to satisfy.
Who reads these lines, let him reflect, upon the narrowness of death.
And in my case behold, the image of our mortal lot.
This scanty tomb doth now suffice,
For whom the Earth was not enough.
-Ralph of Diceto, Eulogy For Henry II

# We must teach our children to resolve their conflicts with words, not weapons.
-Bill Clinton after Colorado school shootings, during NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

# There are many times in battle when commanders think they are lost. They see only their losses and don't know the enemy's.
-Col. David Hackworth, U.S. Army.

# Insubordination may only be the evidence of a strong mind.

# We don't mind you coming up on stage, but would the person who learned to stagedive from watching the Pearl Jam video please stop doing so.
Robb Flynn, Machine Head, Saratoga Winners, 10/23/95

# Nothing makes me feel better about myself than tearing someone else down.
-Andy Richter, talk show sidekick

# I cringe at love,
To love is to lose,
To sleep is to dream,
That dream is a lie, deciever.
Kasey Dorr, Section 8, Nightfall

# god money, i'll do anything for you,
god money just tell me what you want me to...
head like a hole,
black as your soul,
i'd rather die,
than give you control...
bow down before the one you serve,
you're going to get what you deserve.
-Trent Reznor, nine inch nails, Head Like A Hole

# Does anybody remember laughter?
Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin, Song Remains The Same

# There is no reason to accept the doctrines crafted to sustain power and privilege, or to believe that we are constrained by mysterious and unknown social laws. These are simply decisions made within institutions that are subject to human will and that must face the test of legitimacy. And if they do not meet the test, they can be replaced by other institutions that are more free and more just, as has happened often in the past.
-Noam Chomsky, linguist, foreign policy critic

# I won't give into the government
They taught us how to kill and now they fucking judge me
- Wartime Manner, Chalked Outlines, Troy NY hardcore

# Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.
- Martin luthur King Jr., activist

# If ignorance is bliss, then knock the smile off my face.
-Zach DeLaRocha, rage against the machine

# Just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.
- Kurt Cobain, Nirvana

# Inner fear is your worst enemy.
-Max Cavelera, Sepultura

# Fuck the world
Don't ask me for shit
Everything you get
You got to work hard for it
-Biggie Smalls, The What

# There's a reason the third world came in third.
-Jim Goad, redneck

# The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.
-Blaise Pascal, writer

# I don't know Johnny Rotten but I'm sure he puts as much blood and sweat into what he does as Sigmund Freud did.
- Iggy Pop, punk rock icon

# You tell me that nothing matters
You're just fucking scared
You tell me that I make no difference
At least I'm fucking trying
What the fuck have you done?

- Minor Threat, In My Eyes

# The problem is, the dancing fools don't even understand that the song is about them.
-Matthew Caws, Nada surf, on the song Popular

# Anticipation of death is worse than death itself.
-Brian Bloom, metalhead, stoner

# Make yourself all honey, and the flies will devour you.
-Aaron, My Dying Bride, Symphonaire Infernus

# We have about 50% of the world's wealth, but only 6.3% of its population...In this situation we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment...We should cease to talk about vague and unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of living standards, and democritization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better
-George Keenan, Head of the U.S. State Department, Policy Planning Study 23, 1948

# If you're going to kill yourself, at least take somebody that you hate with you.
-Pete Steele, Type O Negative, drunk at Saratoga Winners 11/9/96

# What I have in my heart I'll take to my grave.

# Fucking with the rich is not only necessary, it's also a hell of a lot of fun.
-Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys

# Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
A real gangsta ass nigga plays his cards right
A real gangsta ass nigga never runs his fucking mouth
Cause real gangsta ass niggas don't start fights
And niggas always gotta high cap
Showing all his boys how he shot em
But real gangsta ass niggas don't flex nuts
Cause real gangsta ass niggas know they got em
Real gangster ass niggas don't talk much
All ya hear is the black from the gun blast
And real gangster ass niggas don't run for shit
Cause real gangster ass niggas can't run fast
-The Geto Boys, Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

# There is no birth of conciousness without pain.
-Carl Jung, psychologist, philosopher

# Pray your life was just a dream.
-Marilyn Manson, Man That You Fear

# Freedom Rock!
-Bobo, crackhead

# Some emotions are so deeply rooted that only the hideous abuse of an electric guitar and an untutored scream will do to express them.
-Grant Alden, Rolling Stone, Incesticide album review

# Imagination is vastly more important than intelligence.
-Albert Einstein, scientist, philosopher

# When the enemy advances, We retreat.
When he escapes, We harass.
When he retreats, We pursue.
When he is tired, We attack.
When he burns, We put out the fire.
When he loots, We attack.
When he pursues, We hide.
When he retreats, We return.
-Mao Tse Tung, guerilla warrior

# Respecting your opponents is key to winning any bout. Hold your enemy in contempt, and you may miss the strategy behind his moves.
-Col. David Hackworth, About Face, The Odyssey Of An American Warrior

# It is well this is so terrible, lest we should grow too fond of it.
-Robert E. Lee, Confederate rebel commander, several hours before the battle of Fredericksburg, 1862.

# An inquiry isn't blasphemy
-Slayer, Read Between The Lies

# Ain't no time for social politics
We are from different cliques
I used to be like one of them
Now I am just me
-Wartime Manner, Troy NY Hardcore

# Here are the young men, a weight on their shoulders
Here are the young men, well where have they been?
We knocked on doors of Hell's darker chambers
Pushed to the limits, we dragged ourselves in
Watched from the wings as the scenes were replaying
We saw ourselves now as we never had seen
Portrayal of the traumas and degeneration
The sorrows we suffered and never were free
Where have they been?
Weary inside, now our heart's lost forever
Can't replace the fear or the thrill of the chase
These rituals showed up the door for our wanderings
Opened and shut, then slammed in our face
Where have they been?

-Ian Curtis, Joy Division, Decades

# Most people enjoy the humiliation of their closest peers.
-Lord Chesterfield

# Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day,
Fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way,
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your hometown,
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.
Tired of lying in the sunshine, Staying home to watch the rain,
You are young and life is long, and there is time to kill today.
And then one day you find, ten years have gone behind you,
No one told you when to run, You missed the starting gun.
-Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Time

# Who is more foolish, the fool, or the one who follows them?
-Obi Wan Kinobe, jedi knight, crazy old guy

# Those who trumpet their own sorrows are usually most deserving of their agony.
-Oderus Urungus, GWAR

# Fuck you I won't do what you tell me.
-Zach DeLaRocha, rage against the machine

# Our normal waking conciousness...is but one special type of conciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of conciousness entirely different...No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these disregarded. How to regard them is the question- for they are so discontinuous with ordinary conciousness.
-William James, writer

# It is with words as with sunbeams- the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.
-Robert Southey, writer

# The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate
-Noam Chomsky, Linguist, foreign policy critic

# To accept opinions is to gain the good solid feeling of being correct without having to think.
-C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite

# Warning: This CD package contains graphic lyrics and artwork which may be offensive to people who are afraid to think for themselves.
-Glenn Benton, Deicide

# When a man lies, he murders some part of the world
These are the pale deaths, which men miscall their lives
All this I cannot bear to witness any longer
Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home
-Cliff Burton, Metallica, To Live Is To Die

# The prison of time is spherical and without exits.
-Vladimir Nabokov

# If this planet were under observation by biologists from another world, I think they would look at us and say, "Here is a species in the mid-stages of self destruction".
-E.O. Wilson, biologist

# These are the darkest of ages, in which the greed and ambition of men is finally equalled with their means of destruction and conquest.
- Anonymous

# Dropping the oppressor is the only solution.
-Tim Williams, Vision Of Disorder, DTO

# You know what, Fuck you I'm fed up with you, I'm not as good as you? Fuck no, I'm better than you.
-Jonathan Davis, Korn, Divine

# Every species can smell its own extinction. the last ones left won't have a pretty time of it. And in ten years, maybe less, the human race will be a bedtime story for their children,a myth, Nothing more.
-In the Mouth Of Madness

# Standing above the crowd,
He had a voice that was strong and loud
We'll miss him
He a lot to say,
He had a lot of nothing to say
We'll miss him
-Tool, Eulogy

# It's too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw down.
-Roger waters, Pink Floyd, Dogs

# What the fuck can I do, to make myself a man?
What the fuck should I do? Well I'm doing the best that I can.
But I'll never give up my pride, And I'll never surrender my hate.
You on the opposite side. You're the one who made me this way
Ask yourself a question, do you need to conform?
With the brain-washing games that are engaged to restrain now
The power to cure. The power to kill. The power is ours. We use it at will.
-Tim Williams, Vision Of Disorder, DTO

# Honesty is my only excuse.
-Metallica, Damage Inc. 1986

# Turn the other cheek and I'll break your fucking chin.
-RZA, WuTang Clan

# Genuis begins where rules end.
-William Blake, Discourse VI: Annotations To Reynolds

# There is one kind of prison where the man is behind bars, and everything that he desires is outside; and there is another kind where the things are behind bars, and the man is outside.
-Upton Sinclair, The Jungle 1906

# Raise your fists and march around
Just don't take what you need
I'll jail and bury those comitted
And smother the rest in greed
-Rage Against The Machine, Sleep Now In The Fire

# Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
-William Shakespeare

# In a promethian sense, man is God. But on an even more profound level, man is a beast. This primary contradiction has plagued mankind for millenia. Man is a god, man is a beast. These two aspects of his personality have been waging war with another for centuries; A war whose casualties are seen everywhere and recognized nowhere. But there exists, however a long forgotten place in the soul where God and beast intersect. To go to that place is to witness the death of one world and the birth of another.
-Boyd Rice, NON, philosopher, industrial musician

# Numbers have dehumanized us.
Over breakfast coffee we read of 40,000 American dead in Vietnam.
Instead of vomiting, we reach for the toast.
Our morning rush through crowded streets is not to cry murder but to hit that trough before somebody else gobbles our share.
-Dalton Trumbo, author, Johnny Got His Gun, Introduction to revised 1970 ed.

# Every media trick is employed, to keep the public from filling that void. We set ourselves up for disaster when we believe liars on face value. We give ourselves to those bastards when we settle for thier truths, and we follow Hinkly, Chapman, Oswald, Sirhan, and Ray, patsies and fall guys set up, while invisible men rule the day. The powers that be rely on apathy, and ignorance. To sustain
- Peccavi, Straightedge Hardcore, Jenner

# Give us our bread and bury our dead
And kneel to the cross on the wall
Whether burnt at the stake or drunk at the wake
Just kneel to the cross on the wall
We've original sin, but we might just get in
If we beg to the cross on the wall
It's rattle your sabre and love your neighbours
But kneel to that cross on the wall.

See the roof fall, hear the bells crash
As flesh and bone turn to ash
Tried to conquer the sun with a Christian frost
The corpses' stench beneath the cross

Give them gold and they'll save your soul
And kneel to the cross on the wall
Hail to the boss of the great unwashed
And kneel to the cross on the wall
They wail and weep, the march of the sheep
As they go to the cross on the wall
And it's ever so wrong to dare to be strong
So kneel to the cross on the wall

- Sol Invictus - Kneel To The Cross as covered by Agalloch

# To hell with your courts, I know what justice is.
-Jack White, IWW activist, on trial in 1912

# There is of course no reason why the new totalitarian states should resemble the old. Government by clubs and firing squads is not merely inhumane, it is demonstrably inefficient and in an age of advanced technology, inefficiency is a sin againt the Holy Ghost. A really efficent totalitarian state would be one in which the all powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to coerced, because they love their servitude...The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished not by doing something but by refraining from doing. Great is truth but still greater is silence about the truth.
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Foreward to 1946 edition

# Government remains the paramount area of folly because it is there that men seek power over others, only to lose it over themselves.
-Barbara Tuchman, author, historian, The March Of Folly

# It's never to late to say never.
-Download Of Aggression, Troy NY, You Spoke

MOST!! Useful AJAX Applications

Posted by Shashank Krishna Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Usability on websites is exploding right now. AJAX has enabled web developers everywhere to add functionality to their sites like never before. I’ve gathered 43 extremely useful (but still easy to implement) AJAX applications for use on any website. Keep your users coming back and increase your website’s functionality.

General Purpose

Status Indicators


Text Editing

Tabbed Content

Galleries And Images

  • AJAX Slideshow
    Create a dynamic AJAX slideshow.
  • GreyBox
    GreyBox is a tiny (22kb) script that opens a window with whatever content you like.
  • E2 Photo Gallery
    A free, open-source, AJAX enabled gallery for your website.
  • ZenPhoto
    ZenPhoto is a very lightweight, very powerful photo gallery with AJAX features.
  • Litebox
    Litebox is the AJAX version of Lightbox. It’s just as powerful and only a fraction of the size.
  • Mini Showcase
    Mini Showcase is a lightweight AJAX powered gallery.
  • Flickr Show
    Use this AJAX script to put a flickr slideshow on your website.
  • AJAX Banner Rotation
    AJAX banner rotation. Rotated banner ads and even chunks of HTML.

Chat Boxes

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