Destroy twitter..a twitter app built on adobe air

Posted by Shashank Krishna Friday, October 23, 2009

IconDestroyTwitter is a compact though robust Twitter application built to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux using Adobe AIR. It consists of a series of canvases that constantly update to keep tweets up-to-date using notifications that appear when a new tweet arrives. DestroyTwitter uses a minimal amount of memory compared to its AIR-based alternatives without sacrificing functionality and performance. As a result, it can easily run in the background as an automated process.

DestroyTwitter also features complete direct messaging functionality. Messages and tweets can be replied to with the original visible for quick and easy reference. A search function is also available to track anything that’s being talked about although not as powerfull as Tweetdeck’s searching options

Destroy Twitter’s full Feature List
  • – Auto refresh
  • – Notifications
  • – Full tweet, reply, and direct message support
  • – User profiles
  • – Preferences
  • – Searching
  • – Account updating
  • – Scroll wheel support
  • – TinyURL integration
  • – Mac OS X hotkey support
  • – Tweet dialogue
  • – API limit status and notification
You can choose from three different “canvases” displayed in columns:
  • Home, Replies and (Direct) Messages
  • Search, Saved (Favorites), and Sent
  • Preferences, Account, People

Each pane is pretty much self explanatory for most Twitter users, even though they’ve given them slightly different names.. The account pane shows your profile information and the people pane shows user information when you click on an avatar, similarly to Tweetdeck. Unlike Tweetdeck you can’t create custom columns for groups, probably the most important feature in TweetDeck in my book.

The preferences pane is where the best features are. You can fine-tune your preferences to open the app at start-up, manage the size of the workspace and how many tweets you want to show at once, or make the font size larger (essential for me, the font when it first launches is unbelievably small). In these days of limkited API calls to Twitter, you can set how often you want DestroyTwitter to ping Twitter for new Tweets and you can set different rates for search and messages, so you can ration your 100 calls to the API per hour based on how you use Twitter. Like the new release of TweetDeck, you can also see how many calls to the API you’ve made, and if you’ve gone over limit, when you’ll be able to call again.

NS2 installation problems in ubuntu

Posted by Shashank Krishna Sunday, October 11, 2009

The ns2 version taken here is 2.31, if you downloaded any other version, please modify your version during installation

1)Uncompress the ns2

tar zxvf ns-allinone-2.31.tar.gz
gzip -d ns-allinone-2.31.tar.gz
tar xvf ns-allinone-2.31.tar

2) cd /opt/ns-allinone-2.31 (since /opt is the folder which is unused, so i have selected that folder to install, however you can install that in any folder)

3) ./install (execute the command)

4) If the installation fails in the middle, then try to install the linux packages that are

necessary to run NS2. (In any linux (ubuntu or fedora or redhat or suse), install the TCL/TK, Perl packages during the installation of linux...)

Common errors

While installing ns2, sometimes we get errors some of them are mentioned below (as keywords used to search). Apart from these errors there are many other types of errors also which occurs.

  • tcl8.4.18 make failed! exiting…
  • tk8.4.18 make failed!
  • make: *** [tk3d.o] error 1 tk8.4.18 make
  • tk8.4.18 make fail

Here are some steps and precautions to install ns2 in one shot.

  1. Always install your linux distro with full programming support, this will help you to install ns2 more easily, here programming support means support for perl, tcl, gcc etc.
  2. Also install this packages

    install autoconf

    install automake

    install gcc-c++

    install libX11-devel

    install xorg-x11-proto-devel

    install libXt-devel

    install libXmu-devel

Now try installing ns2, hope it should get install properly

5) Once the installation succeeded, then the path information will be provided by the NS2

6) Set the path in the /root/.bash_profile
(vi /root/.bash_profile)

If you are a user home//.bash_profile (for example, if your the username is tsp, then execute this command vi /home/tsp/.bash_profile)
7) set the PATH and the LD_LIBRARY_PATH according to the point number 11.

8) logout and login.

9) go to the terminal and try ns or nam

Track your information with Formfox

Do you know where your information is going once you send it across the internet? Well you may be surprised at what you find about some of the most trusted sites. That's when Formfox comes in. Formfox allows you to protect yourself by knowing where your information is being sent and who can see this information. The information of where your information is going shows up anywhere information can be entered at. I know I said information too much in one sentence lol, but its all good. So is your information if you use Formfox to keep your personal information safe from hackers and identity thieves.

Firefox features

Posted by Shashank Krishna


Firefox 3.5 uses the Gecko 1.9.1 engine, which adds features that were not included in the 3.0 release. These include support for the and elements defined in the HTML 5 draft specification, with a goal to offer video and audio playback without being encumbered by patent issues associated with most plugin and codec technologies.[27] Codecs for Theora video, Vorbis audio and the Ogg container are built in. As originally recommended by HTML 5 (see Ogg controversy), this codec combination for supporting the audio and video elements are also working in test versions of the Opera and Chrome browsers, see Theora#Playback. Cross-site XMLHttpRequests (XHR), which can allow for more powerful web applications and an easier way to implement mashups, are also implemented in 3.5.[28] A new global JSON object contains native functions to serialize and deserialize JSON objects, as specified by the ECMAScript 3.1 draft,[29] and CSS 3 selector support has been added. Multi-touch support was also added to the release, including gesture support like pinching for zooming and swiping for back and forward.[30] Firefox 3.5 also features an updated logo from the previous releases.[31]

A minor change for Version 3.5 is the default search engine in Russian language builds, which uses the search engine Yandex rather than Google, after a survey of Russian Firefox users indicated they preferred Yandex.[32]

The first update, 3.5.1, was released on July 16, 2009. It solved some vulnerabilities detected after the final release. Another update, 3.5.2, was released on August 3, 2009, followed by version 3.5.3 on September 9, 2009.

The results of the Acid3 test on Firefox 3.5

Starting July 14, 2009, the upgrade to 3.5 was offered to users of Firefox 3.0 through the automatic internal "push" update mechanism.

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