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Posted by Shashank Krishna Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Usability on websites is exploding right now. AJAX has enabled web developers everywhere to add functionality to their sites like never before. I’ve gathered 43 extremely useful (but still easy to implement) AJAX applications for use on any website. Keep your users coming back and increase your website’s functionality.

General Purpose

Status Indicators


Text Editing

Tabbed Content

Galleries And Images

  • AJAX Slideshow
    Create a dynamic AJAX slideshow.
  • GreyBox
    GreyBox is a tiny (22kb) script that opens a window with whatever content you like.
  • E2 Photo Gallery
    A free, open-source, AJAX enabled gallery for your website.
  • ZenPhoto
    ZenPhoto is a very lightweight, very powerful photo gallery with AJAX features.
  • Litebox
    Litebox is the AJAX version of Lightbox. It’s just as powerful and only a fraction of the size.
  • Mini Showcase
    Mini Showcase is a lightweight AJAX powered gallery.
  • Flickr Show
    Use this AJAX script to put a flickr slideshow on your website.
  • AJAX Banner Rotation
    AJAX banner rotation. Rotated banner ads and even chunks of HTML.

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