How to REALLY Hide Folders

Posted by Shashank Krishna Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hidden files are good for organizing files, and helping to ensure critical files don’t get accidentally deleted.

Hiding them as a security measure however, is pretty much useless. A few simple clicks in Windows is all one needs to view everything which you’ve hidden on your system.

Free Hide Folder is a free tool which helps you REALLY hide everything, make it invisible, and secure it. You’ll even need to run the program and enter a password before you’re be able to even view those files.

What I also liked about it was that you could back up the hidden key (Not the data just the key) so you can restore the data easily if something happens with your system.

I wish you could drag and drop files into the program though rather than having to browse from the program itself, but aside from that it’s a beautiful piece of freeware.

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