How to Turn Windows Explorer into a Powerhouse

Posted by Shashank Krishna Tuesday, March 25, 2008


If you liked my previous post on 5 ways to pimp Windows Explorer, you’ll love this gorgeous piece of freeware. DMEXbar is a plug-in for Windows Explorer which turns it from a clunky system to a real powerhouse.

Once installed, your Windows explorer will have the ability to:

* Open two explorer windows aligned side by side
* Split and reassemble large files
* Create “Hot Paths”, which are like the “Favorites” in the Internet Explorer, for simple and fast change to these directories
* Fast copying and moving of files between two aligned explorer windows by shortcuts
* Synchronize files and directories between two aligned windows
* Open DOS shell windows or run any other user-specified programs using the current directory or selected files as parameters
* Calculate the total size or used disk space of directories including all subdirectories

…and so, so, so many other features for both power and novice users.

What I really like about DMEXbar is the fact that I don’t have to use an alternative explorer, but I can just use Windows explorer like I’ve always done, and take advantage of all the new functionality when as and when I need to, and yes - it’s free. Works for Windows 2000/XP, no Vista support yet.

Two thumbs up!


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