How to Test Your Site on Different Screen Resolutions, Browsers and Systems

Posted by Shashank Krishna Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The cruel fact of website customization, is that websites can look very different to visitors depending on settings they are using.

Everyone’s who’s ever customized their blog theme would know the sinking feeling of viewing it through another browser and realizing that the layout doesn’t really look quite right.
How to test different settings efficiently

In order to ensure the best experience for your site visitors, you have to get the bases covered, and do some testing to make sure everything’s fine. You could run different browsers, install dual/triple boot operating systems, and play around with your screen resolutions all day.

…or you could try out a simpler solution.

Browsershots is a free service where you can submit your site and it will automatically test it in a variety of settings and give you a screenshot of each one, so you can easily spot any problem settings in a flash. You can then view the pictures online or download everything for closer examination. You can change anything from browser type and Operating System to screen size, Javascript and Flash settings and more.

The best part - the entire permutation of tests is done in a single go, so in most cases, you only need to do the test once.

Bonus Tip #1: A great time to use Browsershots is if you’re even thinking of changing your theme. If the theme you want to download has a live demo page, simply point Browsershots to it and evaluate the page across multiple systems before finally making your decision.
Do you have any website testing tips? Tell us in the comments!

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