XP hacks Removing Saved Passwords in XP

Posted by Shashank Krishna Friday, January 9, 2009

sharethis: When you visit a Web site that requires authentication or attempt to connect to remote computers,you are given the option to save your password so that the next time you visit the page or attempt to access a remote resource, you do not have to re enter your password. This featurecan be a huge convenience, especially if you access a particular Web site or resource frequently.The downside to this convenience is the potential for horrible security and privacy problems.Essentially, you are taking the password off all of the sites and resources for which you saved a password. Anyone who has physical access to your computer can get in using your username and password, even if they do not know your password.Removing your saved passwords from your computer is a very good idea, because doing so will protect your accounts and also increase your accounts privacy. Removing the password is a little tricky in Window XP because there is no easy way to access a list of all the accounts that have passwords stored for them within Control Panel or any other user interface element. Fortunately,there is a great hack that will do just that.Hidden away in the keymgr.dll system file is an interface for viewing stored usernames andpasswords.To use this interface, follow these steps:
1. Click the Start Menu and select Run.
2. Type in rundll32.exe keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr
3. The Stored User Names and Passwords window will load, showing you a list of all of theaccounts that are saved on your computer.
4. To remove a saved password, select the account on the list and click the Remove button.
5. Click OK on the Confirm screen and the account will be removed from the list, erasing your stored password.
6. Repeat the previous steps for any other accounts that you want to remove.
7. When you are finished, just click Close.
You can also use the Stored User Names and Passwords window to add more usernames andpasswords to your computer. If you have a Web site or resource and you do not care about your privacy, such as some news Web site, and you are running Windows XP Professional,then just click the Add button when the Stored User Names and Passwords window isloaded. Helpful to keep your security.

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