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Posted by Shashank Krishna Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of content online – and I wondered – how much of this content is keyword optimized? In a recent quest to find the best article keyword density analyzer, I found a lot of sites that allow you to analyze your web pages but not many that allow you to analyze the text PRIOR to posting it online. However, there was one gem in the vast array of so-called keyword density analyzers (http://www.live-keyword-analysis.com).

These days, it’s no longer enough just to create and post your content on the internet; it actually takes focus to create not only interesting subject matter, but making sure interested readers can easily locate your content in the boundless sea of information on the web.

So how do you ensure the subject matter will be found and read? The best way to ensure that your content gets attention is by using a keyword density analyzer, a type of search engine optimization software to maximize the results of a contents exposure on the web.

SEO basically is used to make sure that content posted on the internet is found by search engines spiders like Yahoo!, Google, and MSN- which makes it easier for browsers to find specific information. By using specific keywords in an article, a search engine will find the keywords from the article and instantly measure the keyword density to make sure it can be ranked by a search engine.

The most popular online tool for measuring the keyword density is a keyword density analyzer, which measures the percentage of keyword saturation. There are a lot of free seo tools that help in maximizing the results of keyword density, but this has to be the most effective tool to ensure that a website or keyword rich article will be found by the search engines.

The best thing about this tool is that there are so many websites offering their services for free, but most sites like Keyworddensity.com, only allow content creators to post the URL of their website to measure their contents keyword density. However, for those people who would rather see the results before posting their content to a website, there is a great alternative called Live-Keyword-Analysis.com.

This site does not ask for the URL to locate your posted content, it analyzes a contents density from an easy cut and paste box. Better yet, it actually measures the keyword density in real time, so one can edit their content while watching the keyword density saturation percentage increase. Once the keyword density rate is at an appropriate rate, the content can be simply cut and pasted into your website or URL and posted – it’s really that convenient to use!

What other keyword density analyzers have you found? Are there any better ones out there?
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