CS 1.6 NoSteam Server Installation Tutorial for Windows

Posted by Shashank Krishna Sunday, January 25, 2009


1. HlDSupdatetool:

Create a new folder where you want to install the game server. As an example we will use C:/HLDS
Open hldsupdatetool.exe and click Next,Agree, choose the destination folder.
Press Browse and select the C:/ driver, double click on HLDS folder. A message will appear saying that that the folder already exists and than we press Yes, then next until the setup ends.
Next step is to give a command from DOS command line. To do that, press Start button, press Run, write cmd and press OK. Change the current directory by writing the following command: cd C:\HLDS.
Depending on the Internet connectio speed it may take up to a couple of minutes or few hours. Write the following command in DOS command line:

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game valve -dir .

This command starts the HLDS download. After the download is complete, the following message is displayed: HLDS installation up to date. We will now download the files needed for Counter - Strike Mod, write the next line in DOS:

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game cstrike -dir .

After the download is complete, the following message is displayed: HLDS installation up to date
Making the Server NO-Steam
Download NO-Steam patch
Extract hldsw32-emporio.rar to C:/HLDS

2. Server.cfg - The server Config

Server.cfg is located in C:\HLDS\cstrike(if you used C:\HLDS as the destination where to install the server)
directory. Open it with Wordpad or Notepad. Delete all it is in the .cfg
Add the following lines in server.cfg
hostname “The Name of THe Server”
mp_autokick 0
mp_autocrosshair 0
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_buytime 2
mp_consistency 1
mp_c4timer 35
mp_fadetoblack 0
mp_falldamage 0
mp_flashlight 1
mp_forcecamera 3
mp_forcechasecam 2
mp_friendlyfire 1
mp_freezetime 3
mp_fraglimit 0
mp_hostagepenalty 0
mp_limitteams 6
mp_logfile 1
mp_logmessages 1
mp_logdetail 3
mp_maxrounds 0
mp_playerid 0
mp_roundtime 3
mp_startmoney 800
mp_timelimit 35
mp_tkpunish 0
mp_winlimit 0

sv_aim 0
sv_airaccelerate 10
sv_airmove 1
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_clienttrace 1.0
sv_clipmode 0
sv_allowupload 1
sv_cheats 0
sv_gravity 800
sv_lan 1
sv_maxrate 7000
sv_maxspeed 320
sv_maxupdaterate 101
sys_ticrate 10000
decalfrequency 60
pausable 0
log on
decalfrequency 60
edgefriction 2
host_framerate 0
exec listip.cfg
exec banned.cfg
rcon_password PASSWORD

To write anything you want (eg. My CS 1.6 Server), than delete the word and write the password for remote administration.

3. Installing and Configureing Adminmod for Windows

First we have to download Adminmod for Windows Extract the archieve you just downloaded, double click on install_admin.vbs, press OK, select where you have installed the CS server(in ower case C:\HLDS), than choose the number that correspond to Counter-Strike Mod

Admin Mod Config Go to C:\HLDS\cstrike\addons\adminmod\config,and open adminmod.cfg with WordPad or Noptead and change the following cvars:- admin_balance_teams 0- admin_bot_protection 0 (exec commands on bots)
- admin_connect_msg (the message shown immediatelly after a player connects to the server)
- admin_cs_restrict 1 (restrict items during the game)
- admin_debug 0
- admin_fun_mode 0
- admin_fx 1
- admin_highlander 0
- admin_ignore_immunity 1
- admin_repeat_msg (green message that is shown in the middle of the screen every 3 minutes)
- admin_quiet 0
- allow_client_exec 1
- password_field _pass (when an admin connects to the server he writes in the console:
/setinfo _pass *****, you can change _pass with what you want)
- reserve_slots 2 (number of slots reserved on the server)
- reserve_type 0

The rest of the variables should be left as they are initially.

4. Installing and Configureing StatsMe

Download Statsme Extract the downloaded archieve,statsme-2.8.3-cstrike.zip to C:\HLDS\cstrike directory.
Go to C:\HLDS\cstrike\addons\metamod directory and open plugins.ini
with WordPad. Add the following line at the begining of the file:

Go to C:\HLDS\cstrike\addons\statsme and open statsme.cfg with WordPad. Modify the sm_menupassword from r3wt with another password. When entering the game you will have to write in the console statsme_menu password_from_statsme.cfg.cfg in order to modify last settings.

5.How to make /rank and /top10 work

Open statsme.cfg and change the sm_storebyauth from 1 to 0.
Secure server
It is important to have a non secure server because of many reasons. To do that, go to C:\HLDS\cstrike and open liblist.gam with WordPad. Modify secure from 1 to 0. Save and exit.
Starting the server - method #1
(This is the simple mode but the server usses more resources)
Go to C:\HLDS. Double click on hlds.exe and select the following options:
- Game: CounterStrike
- Server Name: eg. Best CS 1.6 Server
- Map: anything
- Network: Internet
- Max. Players: as many as you want
- UDP Port: the port on which the server will run (default: 27015)
- RCON Password: remote password administration
- Secure (Valve Anti-Cheat): unchecked!
Starting the server - method #2

(Simpler method, usses little resources)
Go to C:\HLDS.
Right click on hlds.exe and choose “Create Shortcut” or “Send to > Desktop”.
Right click on the created shortcut and choose Properties.
In Target field you will see C:\HLDS\hlds.exe after, add the following:
-console -game cstrike +ip EXTERNAL_IP +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers PLAYERS_NUMBER +map de_dust2 -nomaster
Press Ok and double click on the shortcut.

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