IIITA RAGGING incident ...Ground Reality

Posted by Shashank Krishna Friday, July 31, 2009

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After the so much media hype created because of the so-called ragging done by the 2nd year girl student (not final year) of IIIT ALLAHABAD to a fresher girl,

It was alleged that on July 19, 19 girl students of BTech-II year had harassed five first-year girl students. The matter came to light when the father of a girl complained to the director who, in turn, asked warden Shveta Singh to look into the matter.

I, a student of the senior batch of the college would like to present some facts……

There wasn’t absolutely any kind of physical or mental torture going on at that incident. The girl was just asking her name. What happened was that incidentally the junior’s guardian was there and noticed the incident. Also the girl happened to be a NRI (Australian) student. The person misinterpreted the incident and complained to the Australian Embassy. So from some damn source the press got this information, added its own damn imagination and ultimately created this entire “drama”.

Finally I would to say that this was entirely a publicity stunt done by our college to achieve.... god knows what………

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