Effects of improper Shutdown-Myths Busted

Posted by Shashank Krishna Thursday, July 16, 2009

sharethis: When you improperly shut down your computer does it harm your computer hardware, or anything else in your computer?
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By http://askthegeek.kennyhart.com/

by "improperly shut down," I assume you mean pressing the power button instead of clicking Start->Shut Down from Windows. This won't harm any of your hardware. After all, Windows powers off the PC, too, when you do a "normal" shutdown. Think of it this way: Your computer is made from components similar to those in any other electronic device--like a stereo or TV--and you turn them on and off all the time without any bad effects. However, the data on your hard drive can be damaged by an improper shutdown.

This was a big problem back in the days of Windows 95 and 98. When you restarted after an improper shutdown, the operating system would come up asking you to run scandisk to correct hard disk errors. It's not as big a problem with Windows XP, but it does happen. If you remove power from the system while data is being written to your hard disk, the data will be incomplete and appear corrupt. Usually, though, a system hang severe enough to warrant pushing the power button is the result of a problem reading or loading a file and your PC won't suffer any ill effects if you power it down.

By Syschat.com

What is the significance of proper shut down? If an improper shut down occurs (probably due to a power supply failure, pulled plug, or the user just didn’t know how to use the computer), your registry files are forced to stop its operation without saving your recent works and other necessary settings that have been changed. In order to save works, make sure that before turning off your pc, you have saved your current work. In windows, after saving all the changes, a turn off button is pressed to finally confirm the shut down process. If you just want to reboot your computer, there is also a restart button for this. Also take note that once you have initiated the machine to shut down, do not turn off or pull the power plug of the device immediately unless your computer has literally stopped running. This is usually noted if the monitor has no more output and the mouse and keyboard input response have stopped.

A possible unsuccessful system restore is another disadvantage brought forth by an improper or illegal shut down. For those who don’t know about system restore, it is a windows component that enables computers to be restored to a previous state. System restore automatically creates restore points daily. If an improper shut down occurs during the process of a system restore, an inconsistency into the changed log occurs. This affects the whole restoration process, thus being unsuccessful.

Whenever an improper shut down occurs, the computer automatically initiates disk check up as soon as it reboots. It is strongly recommended that you let the computer scan its disk for system errors because these mentioned errors, as well as lost data files and files not in proper location are the basic effects of an improper shut down. These unwanted bad sectors may soon cause your computer to have decreased level of performance and efficiency.

Another harmful effect of an improper shut down that may be considered as fatal is the hardware failure. 2 of the most significant parts of a hard disk are the platters and the read write head. The platters are coated with magnetic substances used for recording data while the read write head examines or alters the data. The data manipulation and examination is done through constant rubbing of the platters and the read write head. During proper shut down process, the hard disk’s rotating platters slows down until it stops. If an improper shut down occurs, the rotating platters stop in an abrupt manner. This causes unwanted scratches on the platters. And these scratches may have drastic effects on the hard disk’s performance.

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