Ultimate Windows Tweaker 1.1 [Featured Download]

Posted by Shashank Krishna Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Figure 2 - Display OS info on Your Desktop

UPDATE: V 1.1 is now available with 20 more tweaks! Howard Lo, Microsoft’s Regional Team Manager (APAC) released Ultimate Windows Tweaker, a Tweak UI for Windows Vista at the South Asia MVP Meet 2008. Windows Guides readers can get their hands on a copy, which does not need installation and is only 370kb. The program lets you apply over 130 tweaks without using the registry once!

Figure 1 - Configure Computer Information

Figure 1 - Configure Computer Information

Using Ultimate Windows Tweaker is easy and you will be surprised at how much you can do.

I changed my computer information (figure 1) to a more mintywhite kind of computer, and I even changed the OEM logo to a Windows Guides one by saving my logo as a BMP file and selecting it. See figure 4 for an example of how this looks on the system information screen.

As you can see from the enlarged screenshot, you can also change your context menu, shortcut specifics and more–and that’s only one screen. This really is Vista’s answer to XP’s Tweak UI.

Figure 2 - Display OS info on Your Desktop

Figure 2 - Display OS info on Your Desktop

One of the many options to choose from is the ability to display your OS information on your desktop (figure 2.) This is useful for me as I run Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Seven all on one machine and I often need a sanity check to ensure I’m in the right OS. These are just a few of over 130 tweaks you can apply to your Windows Vista operating system.

Figure 3 - Apply Changes

Figure 3 - Apply Changes

You can then apply the changes, and after a log off and log on (figure 3), you can see the results of your work (figure 4.) Grab yourself a copy today!

Figure 3 - Apply Changes

Figure 4 - See Your Changes

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

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