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Posted by Shashank Krishna Wednesday, February 18, 2009


very good hacking ebook that has stories of phreaks, hackers, and virus coders from when the scene started.. to when the first busts and raids of Sun Devil started.

w32 asm and c++ tutorials on winsock and other stuff

hack tv show

Essential Pascal teaches the basics of delphi/pascal

packetstorms section on diffrent phone systems

nod32 the best anti-virus..

defcon has lots of good videos and presentations from meetings <----good phone phreaking talk show <---damn good phreaking/hacking videos on famous phreaks and hackers like Steve Wozniak, Captain Crunch, Denny Teresi, Kevin Mitnick. <------lots of hacking and phreaking information, also home of the new software orange box, a phone phreaking software that can spoof CID(caller id) <----lots of pdf manuels and documents on phone switches, PBX and VMB systens(voice mail box) and ATM machines. Has a very decent documents for Nortel DMS-100 phone switch information <----has virus related information

TONS of video tutorials regarding various kinds of hacking:

Home of the Auditor Boot CD and Backtrack: the best in Italy for Reverse Engineering
N.B, it is italian based but does have english.

programing tutorials

tutorials about every thing

More programing

Log in names is a good one. (exploits, etc.) -- nmap port scanner, so STOP ASKING WHERE TO GET A GOOD PORT SCANNER, DAMMIT
This site lets you check if msn / aim / yahoo users have blocked you. Also has a few good internet tools. - Proxy Sites
List of sites that help you go undetected on sites, can also get around blocked sites. - AOL Vandals
A brief description of what to do with AOL "vandals" and how to identify them; shows all aol ip ranges.

I am adding these two I came across, because they are very useful and some people, especially newbies will find then helpful.
Tutorials in many categories; virus, hacking, phreaking, etc. - Web Docs
Tutorials for many web categories, like cracking, hacking, exploiting, viruses.

Virus Assembly Book How-To's

very usefull programming website with over 15 languages 100s of thousands of sources codes to help you on anything
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