Nseries Music library refreshing problems

Posted by Shashank Krishna Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hello again. This time I want to touch on an issue that has been common to all Nseries devices since the N91 introduced the Music Player that most Nseries device share.

I'm talking about the Music Library.

This library contains all the Artist, Album Art, etc. contained in the MetaData of the Music Files.

When you use Windows Media Player and sync (using Media Player USB mode) AKA MTP the Library is automatically updated.

When you drag and drop you need to manually update the Library.

But sometimes something goes wrong and the Update Libraryoperation either doesn't find the songs, hangs, or otherwise fails.

When this happens the most common thing is that the Library may have become corrupted and you need to delete certain files. But which files?

Well after some testing I came to find that these are the files that need deleting in order to get rid of the corrupted library.

Storage Drives: (Mass storage E, Memory Card F)




  • TIP: Connect the device in USB mass storage mode (File Transfer), to locate the private folder from the PC.
  • TIP: STRING and x_x will change depending on your phone.
After you've done this, then you should be able to re-scan and re-create the Music Library.

As always if you have questions and comments, leave a comment.


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