Tranfering files frm ubuntu to XP

Posted by Shashank Krishna Saturday, August 2, 2008

sharethis: Since i’m new to ubuntu, all my files were basically residing in windows xp.
As i was working with ubuntu, i thought of relaxing a bit by viewing some photos taken recently. But all of them were sitting inside my xp and i need some way to access it.

Transferring them via usb is an option, but i wanted an even elegant solution. Then i came to know that VirtualBox supports “sharing” folders between “host” and “guest” operating systems.

I read in the VirtualBox manual, that “sharing” folders between “windows” host and “windows” guest is more or less seamless. But “sharing” between “windows” host and “linux” guest need some additional work.

But it’s not very tough.

First i needed to configure the shared folder in my VirtualBox. I clicked the menu “Devices->Shared Folders” to configure the sharing. And I choose a folder in my xp machine and gave a share name to that.

Then i opened the terminal in ubuntu and created a directory called share under “mnt” so it looks as “/mnt/share”. This required “admin” privileges.

Then i executed the command: sudo mount -t vboxsf myphotos /mnt/share
in the terminal. That’s it.

And this how it looked after that in the FileBrowser:

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