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Posted by Shashank Krishna Friday, August 1, 2008


One of the most popular filesharing client application, DC++ allows you to share files over the Internet without any restrictions or limits. You can search for files or folders throughout multiple connected hubs; searches can be categorized by several criteria: video, audio, doc, exe, etc. The program automatically downloads the public hubs list which includes thousands of hubs to choose from. The interface is easy to use; multiple open windows can be arranged in cascade, horizontal tile, vertical tile, and the menu includes buttons for fast access. Options include creating lists containing your favourite users and favourite hubs to which you will be automatically connected at startup, Automatic Directory Listing search option; in case you wold like to download a file found using the Search option, you have an option for downloading the entire directory. The program is optimized even for users who are behind routers or firewalls allowing the manual setting of access ports.

Pluses: Reconnects automatically on startup and provides access to virtually limitless quantities of downloadable data.

Drawbacks / flaws: For logging on to some of the hubs, you need to share a certain amount of data, otherwise you may get disconnected on grounds of not enough shared files. If you share a huge amount of data, hashing your information by DC++ seems to take forever. You cannot download from multiple users.

In conclusion:
Having both advantages and a few flaws, DC++ is still a reliable application when it comes to the imperative: "I need it, and I need it now!".


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