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Posted by Shashank Krishna Sunday, July 27, 2008

sharethis: Upgrade to Firefox 3.0.1 for more Security and Stability

Mozilla has released the new Firefox 3.0.1 update which promises to make Firefox more secure and stable.
Last month a very serious vulnerability was discovered in the Firefox source code which affected both Firefox 3 and Firefox 2.x.x and could allow a hacker to execute commands remotely on a machine. Hopefully this new update will fix [...]
Do not Use Firefox 3 to Make Secure Payments Online

Firefox 3 is no doubt the most secure state-of-the-art browser that has some amazing security features.
But if you use Firefox 3 to make secure payments online using your credit card then you might want to consider switching to Internet Explorer and here is why!
How to set Gmail as Default Email Client in Firefox 3

For those users who do not have any default email client setup on their computer, they can use the new feature in Firefox 3 which lets one set Gmail as the default email client.
The tip, shared by Gmail blog, will automatically launch Gmail whenever you click on a mailto link.
How To Login to Websites Instantly in Firefox

Firefox has an amazing password manager which stores all your login credentials and allows you to easily login to websites but the problem is that you still need to type the username everytime.
Secure Login is a Firefox add-on that will allow you to login to websites instantly just with one-click.

Firefox 3.0 Vulnerable to Remote Execution

It looks as if the world’s most secure browser i.e. Firefox 3.0 may still have big security vulnerabilities in the core.
According to a report by TippingPoint, a research organization for vulnerability analysis and discovery, Firefox 3.0 has a security loophole which could allow an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code.
Automatically Fix URL Typing Errors in Firefox

Not every average computer user is a typing expert. No matter how many years of typing experience one has, URL typing errors or typos are still inevitable.
URL Fixer for Firefox is a simple little add-on that will make sure your typing mistakes are automatically corrected as you type.

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