Enhance Gmail Security By Forcing Secure Connection

Posted by Shashank Krishna Sunday, July 27, 2008

sharethis: Gmail has a security feature which most free online email services still lack. It is the ability to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or more simply a Secure Connection.

Secure connection makes sure that the data and information shared between Google servers and your web browser remains encrypted. It proves to be beneficial when using Gmail in public sector area e.g. public WiFi hotspots or college/university labs.

Previously the only way to initiate a Secure connection between Gmail and your web browser was to manually type the (https://) protocol instead of (http://) to access Gmail but as it is not feasible for the unaware masses, Gmail has now introduced a new setting called Browser Connection.

Browser Connection lets users choose whether or not to force a secure connection. This way they won’t have to type in the (https://) protocol again and again while accessing Gmail.

One point to note is that though forcing a secure connection makes your data safe, but it slows down the speed and latency of your connection as it has to always encrpt/decrypt data at both ends while transfering. This feature is mostly recommended for users accessing Internet through a public WiFi.

Now with all those security features in hand, who thinks Gmail is the most safe and secure email service on Internet?

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