Cool XP Tip : Take Back 20% of Your Bandwidth From Windows XP

Posted by Shashank Krishna Friday, February 29, 2008

sharethis: Real Tech News has uncovered a secret that helps you keep your memory for your use and not for Microsoft’s. They claim that Microsoft reserves 20% of bandwidth on all systems for purposes like updates and interrogating your machine.

The way to reallocate your bandwidth settings can be found on their website but what they fail to recognize is that this feature is available only on Windows XP. Tech Target gives reasons on XP Home not carrying gpedit.msc.

A further detailed search revealed that XP Tune Up had this figured out a while back and they have a guide for altering it with pictures…

I followed the XP Tune Up’s guide and it does make your Windows XP Pro go faster. This is a good discovery and I wish Microsoft had openly documented tweaks such as this. I am sure there are plenty of tweaks that would help XP to go faster

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