10 Interesting Facts About Windows

Posted by Shashank Krishna Friday, February 29, 2008

sharethis: These are some of the things that not many people would know about Windows. It is not a household knowledge. But, having knowledge of these would let you appreciate Windows in a whole new way. The development of Windows started a whole new era in the computing industry.

1. Windows was first called as interface manager when it was first strategized. It was based off of Apple’s Mac OS.
Windows has been around for 21 years now. Windows 1.0 hit the shelves in November of 1985. It is believed that Bill Gates got the idea of Windows OS from Steve Jobs.

2. The Windows operating system has 50 million lines of code (a line averages 60 characters) and grows 20% with every release. It’s put together by 7,200 people, comes in 34 languages and has to support 190,000 devices–different models of digital cameras, printers, handhelds and so on.”

3. There were 103 million worldwide in 2005, and the growth rate seems to be around 10 to 15 percent per year. Windows operating system claims to have a market share between 35% to 40%. Wow, there are 400 million Windows users.

4. There are 250,000 to 300,000 applications for Windows

5. Although apple claims 1 million conversions from Windows to Mac, 85% of the computers worldwide run on Windows.

6. If you look at the list of viruses that are around, you should be able to see that most of the viruses are targeting Windows or any other Microsoft application. Windows comes under a lot of attack by people who exploit the security flaws in Windows. Vista which is being launched early next year is expected to set a high bar in security.

7. These are the canceled versions of Windows:
# 1996 May 3 - Windows Nashville (windows 96)
# 1997-1998 - Cairo (a “true object-oriented OS”) planned after Windows NT; if released would be similar to DesktopX (but at a lower level)
# 1999 December - Windows Neptune (Windows neptune is a version of microsoft windows that was planned to be the home consumer edition of windows…) was sent out to betatesters but was never released, Exception Handler: No article summary found.Should have been successor to Windows 2000.

8. The Blue Screen of Death (sometimes called “bluescreen”, “stop error” or just “BSoD”) is a popular name for the screen displayed by Microsoft’s Windows operating system when it cannot or is in danger of being unable to recover from a system error. The term blue screen of death was coined by Erik Noyes while he worked for Charles Schwab and Co., Inc.’s technical support for the Electronic Service Delivery division in early 1991. Erik coined this phrase and shared it with customers and his co-workers. Soon, it became a standard phrase in Windows terminology.

9. Microsoft has a dubious record of having the most number of crashes. It is believed that there are around 25 million crashes everyday.

10. The next release of Windows is Vista which is due this year end or early next year. There are reports that 60% of the Vista code is being rewritten due to an internal error at Microsoft

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