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Posted by Shashank Krishna Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have told you in the past about many rapidshare file searchers.What these search engines do is to actually search through Google database for the files and show them to the users.This searches from rapidshare can bring you a ton of results but many these files will be deleted due to lack of not downloading for many days.

Today I found out a new rapidshare search engine which actually searches only for valid files from rapidshare database.This Rapidshare crawler uses scripts to check whether a file is valid or not.

“CrawlRapidShare is the first Rapidshare real time crawler , we don't use any obsolete databases like other search engines , we crawl the web in realtime per search query with our particular technology so we always give you fresh results , also we have the ability to check the validity of links in real time or by Rapidshare tools.” says the new rapidshare crawler

latest rapidshare search engine

Rapidshare crawler engine also have provided an option to check links validity,but this can consume a bit more time.I recommend you to search first and then check the files by clicking the “check validity of all the links in this page by tools” as shown below.

rapidshare link verifier

Use this latest rapidshare search engine and post your results in the comments on how effectively it can get your files.

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