Resistance 2 Beta Has Already Started, Here's How You Get In

Posted by Shashank Krishna Saturday, October 18, 2008


Resistance 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter Resistance: Fall of Man. This game takes the hero of the first title, Nathan Hale, and sets him against the evil Chimera forces across the United States territory. The Chimera virus takes over humans and transforms them into terrible creatures that can be defeated only by soldiers immune to the virus, like Nathan Hale.

Recently, Greg Phillips, producer at Sony Computer Entertainment, the publisher of the game, has announced that its online beta stage will launch on October 16 in North America. He now returns on the PlayStation Blog to reveal other ways to join the beta, besides pre-ordering the game, subscribing to Qore or joining a contest from GamePro.

This other way involves registering at the MyResistance website, which will go live soon, and Sony will pick from the contestants the ones who will join the beta stage starting next week. For Europeans, the beta is scheduled for the same launch date, and those who want to test the game before the official release on November 4, will also have to register on the Resistance website.

Here's what the beta stage will consist of as reported on the PlayStation Blog: "The Beta will include competitive maps from three locations in the game. These maps include 60-, 40-, and 20-player maps from Orick, 40- and 20-player maps from Chicago, and the 10-Player map Sub Docks (Bay Area). New modes Skirmish and Core control will be supported, along with Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. The co-op portion of the beta will focused [sic] on Orick, and will support randomization of your play-path. Both co-op and competitive will support matchmaking and class/character progression up to level 10. This will allow unlocking of new equipment, upgrades and berserks for character customization."

In addition, the Resistance website will also be updated and ready to host the competitions and ladder tournaments for the upcoming game. And speaking of the future title, Sony has also announced that the game has gone gold, which means that it's now up to the manufacturing plants to produce the retail copies of the game. Until then, all that's left is to refresh the Resistance website page.

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